SFU Fashion Week

Domain: Leadership, Project Management, Graphic Design 
My Role: Design Lead (2015), Graphic Designer (2014)
Additional Team members: Chris, Dalya, Wendy, and Paris

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketches, DSLR Camera
Volunteer, Spring 2014 & Spring 2015
Simon Fraser University
 As a Design Lead in 2015:

fashion week 15

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 12.56.06 AM

Fashion Week Booklet 2015
As a Graphic Designer in 2014:
I was appointed as a Graphic Design Assistant and my main job was to design a poster that promotes the first ever Fashion Week event at SFU. The General Director and Graphic Design Director requested a minimalistic poster that includes a model if possible and fits with the University’s standards and feel. One issue I faced was not having high quality model shots that fit with the poster. The alternative was to rely on text but that did not seem good enough for a fashion poster where imagery elements are more effective. I visited many online resources to have a better insight about fashion posters and some posters struck with their artistry and style. Eventually, I came upon the realization that a good method could be to illustrate a model. Shepard Fairey is one of my favourite artists and my poster is influenced by his beautiful style in terms of colors and textures.





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