SFU Athletics

Domain: Graphic Design 
My Role: Graphic Design (Digital & Print)
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

8 Months Paid Position, May 2014 to December 2014
Simon Fraser University, SFU Athletics Marketing Department 
Re branding SFU Athletics
I was a hired as a Graphic Design Assistance for SFU Athletics in SFU Burnaby, working side by side with the Marketing Department. One of my first projects was to redesign the SFU Athletics’ brand identity in order to give it more dynamic and contemporary look while maintaining the university’s standards. I was required to use royal and blue which made my task little hard because the colors do not fit very well together. I started looking up different sport magazines and posters to get a better feel for designing a sports-related project. Several elements like fire/dust particles brush, color mixing, blended backgrounds exist in many professional sports designs that my manager and I wanted to have in the new theme. Next, I started experimenting different styles using Photoshop/Illustrator while getting feedback from the manager who rejected some designs before choosing to go with this theme because it is contemporary and contains some traditional Scottish elements that our school has in common. 



The Yearbooks project
One of the biggest projects was the 2014 Yearbook for Football, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, and Women’s Volleyball. Like any other design project, I started searching successful examples that relates to the field. The 2013 Yearbook was used as a reference to know the order of information and space required for each section. The design went through some changes while working on it and different design elements exist in each yearbook because I kept trying to improve it. In my opinion a big challenge was to maintain quantity and quality while working on each book. The deadline for three yearbooks was too short and it was essential to keep the quality high because printing them is expensive and we were planning to sell them to students
Men’s Basketball yearbook 2014






Women’s Basketball yearbook 2014





Fraser Nation Logo / Schedule cards
Fraser Nation Student Rewards is a program designed to reward students who visit SFU’s home games. I was asked to design a logo that is somehow playful, energetic and fits with the SFU Athletics theme. I designed couple drafts but they were not satisfying and then I asked my manager to provide me with more background information about the program. Having graphics with text seemed tricky because the program has a long name; as a result, I decided to make the text itself playful and dynamic to make students more interested in it. The final logo is minimalistic to fit easily with any background and inspires imagery of progress and movement.




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