False Creek Healthcare

Domain: Marketing and Graphic Design 
My Role: Marketing and Design Assistant 
Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, WordPress
4 Months Paid Position, May 2016 to August 2016
False Creek Healthcare – Vancouver, BC
I was hired to work as a Marketing and Design assistant for False Creek Health Care during the Summer 2016 term. False Creek Healthcare founded in 1996 as an independent surgical facility and expanded later to include family practice, medical clinic, and other specialist health programs. The facility relies on its reputation for having over 100 experienced physicians who have an excellent reputation and its use of advanced medical technology. Their target audience includes medium and high income people who are looking for a high-quality service and do not want to wait very long.
Redesigning the websites (Research and UI design):
One of the major projects was to redesign our websites to make them mobile and user friendly, and visually appealing. I conducted an online research to gain more knowledge about health care customers, the competitors, and analyzed our current websites to find the weakest areas in terms of user experience and design. One of the findings was the number of people using mobiles and tablets is increasing annually and they tend to spend less time browsing websites, which supports our goal to make a mobile-friendly website while considering that constrain. I made a sketch of our website and highlighted the biggest weaknesses while comparing it to excellent healthcare websites. An analysis of our websites and the competitors’ websites was conducted, and UX and UI trends were discussed in the research. Next, I marked the top requirements our new websites need to have and made several Illustrator prototypes for desktop and mobile inspired by existing WordPress themes. We purchased a WordPress theme and I implemented it but the manager is still working on it and it is not published yet.




20th anniversary logo: 
One of my minor tasks was to design a logo to celebrate our 20th anniversary. My manager wanted to emphasize the number and the original logo while giving it a modern look and feel.  


Weekly design projects:
They include posters, brochures, cards, and online materials that promote different services and events. The ability to create nice illustrations, icons, and edit images is necessary to make the work unique and outstanding. I enjoyed working on the design projects because they gave me an opportunity to showcase my creative side and improve my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator. The manager’s feedback on my work was always positive and he was happy I could meet his expectations.




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