Enactus SFU

Domain: Videography & Icon Design
My Role: Graphic Design (Digital & Print)
Tools: Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Illustrator 

Video Coordinator (Volunteer position) / Enactus SFU
Additional Team members: Chris Samuel 
About Enactus
“Enactus is a global organization that uses entrepreneurial action as a catalyst for progress, taking the concepts of social entrepreneurship and the triple bottom-line to heart. Enactus teams develop innovative programs that address social, environmental and economic needs in the community, in an attempt to improve the livelihoods of others.  Enactus acknowledges that there are no boundaries for students who want to be entrepreneurs, meet new people, and share their passions while making a difference in the community. Currently, there are 66,500 students in 1,600 teams across 36 countries around the world.”
My Role
As a Video Coordinator, I work with the Video Director on different promotional videos for the Enactus SFU. My responsibilities vary with each project; ideation, filming, directing, graphic design, illustration, and video editing are the typical tasks that I may take over. The Enactus Intro Video is one of the most important projects because it is used mainly to promote the organization to new students interested in joining.
We met with the Enactus leaders to discuss the video’s goal, script, message, style, and concerns. Everyone wanted to it to be friendly, fun and not very formal so that new students feel more motivated and less intimidated about joining the organization. The Enactus directors, who are featured in the video, wrote a script for each Enactus value (5 total) and we figured out the shots based on each value and resources. Most of the video segments involve at least one actor performing an activity relates to the value adding elements of joy and playfulness. Directing and filming were equally divided between me and the Video Director.
The Values Icons















I suggested adding an icon for each value to make them more memorable and I was responsible for designing original icons. The icons went through various changes as we were not satisfied with their look till I decided to go with the Flat Long Shadows style that is trendy and fits with the icons. This is a style that I haven’t done before and it was an opportunity to learn something new and progress. Together with the Video Director, we thought of different ways these icons can be animated and the Video Director took the responsibility to animate them via After Effects.
The video was showcased during the Enactus Orientation day to new members and received a favorable feedback from the audience, Enactus Director and other members.

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